World TeamTennis Winter 2016 League Winners

Congratulations to the following WTT Teams:

3.0 Team
– “4 Love Of The Game”/Captain Ginny Smith

3.5 Teams
–  “Lobstoppers”/Captain Todd Sartwell
–  “Southside Slammers 4″/Captain Ed Ocampo
–  “Are You Sure”/Captain Marie Wekszner

4.0 Teams
–  “The Crushers”/Captain Mike Erguiza (Saturday Team)
–  “Beach Breakers”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham (Sunday Team)
–   “Southside Slammers 3/Captain Ed Ocampo (Sunday Team)

4.5 Team
– “No Worries”/Captain Yoko Fukuda

2 Beach team make 2015 WTT National Finals!

Congratulations to:
4.0 WTT Super Senior Team/”Lov2Pla” – National Champions
3.0 WTT Team/”Red Hot Shots” – National Finalists

WTT 2015 League Winners

Congratulations to the following WTT Teams:

3.0 Team

– “No Faults”/Captain Eileen Daniels

3.5 Teams
–  “Little Neck Lobstoppers”/Captain Todd Sartwell
–  “Southside Slammers 3″/Captain Ed Ocampo
–  “RPTC Long Shots”/Captain Charlie Pittman

4.0 Teams
–  “We Got This”/Captain Jun Cujardo (Saturday Team)
–  “Beach Breakers”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham (Sunday Team)

4.5 Team
– “Shore Breakers”/Captain Lewis Capolupo

WTT 2014 National Qualifier Champion Teams

Congratulations to the following 2014 National Qualifier Champion Teams:

4.0 Senior Team “WTT Sr Crew”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham
4.5 Team “Short Skirts Long Racquets” Captained/David Sloane
3.0 Team “Red Hot Shots”/Captain Chelsea Courtney – National Qualifier Finalists

WTT 2014 National Qualifiers


Congratulations to 3.0 WTT Team “Summer Brew Crew”/Captain Howard Brewster Winners in the World TeamTennis 2-day Tournament!! “Summer Brew Crew” gets the opportunity to advance to a WTT National Qualifier. Good Luck!!!
SAVE THE DATE for the next VA Tennis/WTT Tournament – October 11-12, 2014. All Levels are invited to participate!! FUN! FUN! FUN!

WTT 2014 League Photos

Thank you all for participating in the league. Check out photos of the teams.

WTT 2014 League Champions

3.0 Red Hot Shots
3.0 World Winds
3.5 Alley Gators
3.5 No Relets
3.5 WTT Whalers
4.0 Beach Breakers
4.0 No Worries
4.0 Mixed Bag – Norfolk
4.5 Dig Deep

WTT 2013 National Qualifers

2013 WTT Teams National Qualifier Champions competed at WTT National Championships in Indian Wells. CA, in November.

4.5 Team, “Short Skirts Long Racquets” Captained/David Sloane
4.0 Senior Team – “WTT Sr Crew” Captain/Leetsa Nottingham

Three (3) Virginia Beach teams won at the WTT National Qualifier, 4.0 WTT Sr Crew, in Raleigh, NC and “Short Skirts Long Racquets” Adult & Senior Teams in, Boston, MA, went on to compete at the WTT National Championships in Indian Wells, CA, November 1-3, 2013. Congratulations to our Virginia Beach teams that not only played some incredible tennis, but were able to share time with tennis legend Billie Jean King.

WTT 2013 League Champions

Virginia Beach Winning Teams:
3.0 Teams: Rally Kings” & “Glammers”
3.5 Teams: “Match Points”, “Saints”, “WTT Whalers”
4.0 Teams: “Southside Slammers 1” & “Beach Breakers”
4.5 Team: “Short Skirts Long Racquets”

Norfolk Winning Team:
4.0 Team: “Nolets”

WTT 2012 Recap


VB Beach Winning Teams are:
3.0 Team – “VBFATA”
3.5 Teams – “Southside Slammers 2”, “Torpedo Junction”, “Miss Hit Misfits”
4.0 Teams – “Southside Slammers” and “Beach Breakers”
4.5 Team – “Short Skirts Long Rackets”


Five VA Beach Teams competed at the WorldTeam Tennis National Qualifier in Raleigh, NC
the weekend of August 17-19, 2012:

3.0 Team – “VBFATA”/Captain Pat Tapia
4.0 Teams – “Southside Slammers”/Captain Ed Ocampo and “Beach Breakers”/Captain Leetsa Notthingham
4.5 Team – “Short Skirts Long Rackets”/Captain Giovanni Donatelli
4.0 Senior Team – “Senior Crew”/Captain Leetsa Notthingham.

Congratulations to the three Teams who won: “VBFATA”, “Beach Breakers”, “Senior Crew”.

Winning teams competed at the WTT National Championships November 2012, in Indian Wells, CA and had a great showing.