2012 Combo League Winners

5.5 Teams -“Racq Pacq”/Captains Denise Moorefield/Rebecca Provost & “Beach Cruisers”/Captains Kim Craft/Stacy Harvey
6.5 Teams -“Volley Girls”/Captain Crystal Dubois & “Top Spinners”/Captain Sibyll Jones
7.5 Teams – “Fab T Gals”/Captains Donna Bosze/Laurie Duquette & “Volley Girls”/Captain Keri Markiewicz
8.5 Team – “Dare Doubles”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham
6.5 Men – “Beach Strokers 6″/Captain Manny Bagtas
7.5 Men – “Beach Strokers”/Captain Manny Bagtas
8.5 Men – “Team Bonney”/Captain Brad Bonney.

Teams that received “Wild Cards” to the Championships:
5.5 Team – “Honey Badgers”/Captain Dari O’Brien
7.5 Team – “Line Tamers”/Captain Judy Berman
6.5 Men – “Rally Kings”/Captain Bill Hart

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