2013 Combo League Winners

Congratulations to the following 2013 Combo League Winners:

5.5 Women: “Honey Badgers” – Captained by Pat Gadzinski
6.5 Women AM: “Court Chix” Captained by Kathy Kern
6.5 Women PM: “Won Luv” – Captained by Awele Mitchell
7.5 Women AM: “Line Tamers” Captained by Judy Berman
7.5 Women PM: “Vu and Crew” Captained by Jackie Vu
8.5 Women: “You Got Served” Captained by Jac West
6.5 Men: “Ritter 6.5″ Captained by Dave Ritter
7.5 Men: “Racquet Science” Captained by Dan Schank
8.5 Men: “Dig Deep” Captained by Michael Stoney

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