VBLIFE COURT REPORT: It’s a Wrap on the WTT Winter League and giving SHOUT OUTS to ALL the Teams in the 2021 Winter World TeamTennis(WTT) league.
SATURDAY 3.5 & 4.0 Leagues had 4 Teams in each league:
3.5 Teams
  •  “TREVOLLEY 1″/Captain David Ringgold
  • “BACKHAND”/Captain Claire Walters
  • “LOVE EM’ AND LEAVE EM’ “/Captain Tommy Van Daniker
  • “SMART ACES”/Captain Janice Hamilton
4.0 Teams
  •  “ACE KICKERS”/Captain Claire Walters
  • “LOVE EM’ AND LEAVE EM’ 2″/Captain Tommy Van Daniker
  • “TREVOLLEY 2″/Captain Dave Ringgold
  • “SET2WIN”/Captain David Pabon
CONGRATULATIONS Saturday Winning Teams
  •  “TREVOLLEY 1” – WTT Saturday 3.5 League Champions
  •  “ACE KICKERS” – WTT Saturday 4.0 League Champions
The Teams have the opportunity to advance to the WTT National Qualifier! GOOD LUCK!! CHEERS to ALL the Teams and their Teammates!