Vu Crew 2014 Combo District Finalists


Congratulations to 7.5 Women Combo Team “Vu Crew”/Captain Jackie Vu – USTA/MAS Virginia Combo District Finalist!!

2014 Combo League Winners

Congratulations to the following 2014 Combo League Winners:

5.5 Women – “Loonachics”/Captain Lisa Hartman
6.5 Women Teams – “Simply Smashing”/Captain Karin Hathaway & “Beach Breakers”/Captain Marjorie Kane
7.5 Women Teams – “Fireball Shots”/Captain Laurie Duquette & “Vu Crew”/Captain Jackie Vu
8.5 Women – “You Got Served”/Captain Jac West

6.5 Men – “Racquetship”/Captain Brian Sweitzer
7.5 Men – “Kings And Aces”/Captain Jun Cujardo
8.5 Men – “Shore Breakers”/Captains Mo Pascual/Lewis Capolupo!!

2013 Combo District Champions

8.5 Ladies “You Got Served” Captain/Jac West
5.5 Ladies “Honeybadgers” Captain/Pat Gadzinski

FINALISTS – 7.5 Men “Racquet Science” Captain/Dan Schank

2013 Combo League Winners

Congratulations to the following 2013 Combo League Winners:

5.5 Women: “Honey Badgers” – Captained by Pat Gadzinski
6.5 Women AM: “Court Chix” Captained by Kathy Kern
6.5 Women PM: “Won Luv” – Captained by Awele Mitchell
7.5 Women AM: “Line Tamers” Captained by Judy Berman
7.5 Women PM: “Vu and Crew” Captained by Jackie Vu
8.5 Women: “You Got Served” Captained by Jac West
6.5 Men: “Ritter 6.5″ Captained by Dave Ritter
7.5 Men: “Racquet Science” Captained by Dan Schank
8.5 Men: “Dig Deep” Captained by Michael Stoney

2012 Combo District Champions and Best Outfit

8.5 Ladies “Dare Doubles” Captained by Leetsa Nottingham are 2012 USTA COMBO DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!
5.5 Ladies “Honey Badgers” Voted Best Outfit by USTA!!

2012 Combo League Winners

5.5 Teams -“Racq Pacq”/Captains Denise Moorefield/Rebecca Provost & “Beach Cruisers”/Captains Kim Craft/Stacy Harvey
6.5 Teams -“Volley Girls”/Captain Crystal Dubois & “Top Spinners”/Captain Sibyll Jones
7.5 Teams – “Fab T Gals”/Captains Donna Bosze/Laurie Duquette & “Volley Girls”/Captain Keri Markiewicz
8.5 Team – “Dare Doubles”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham
6.5 Men – “Beach Strokers 6″/Captain Manny Bagtas
7.5 Men – “Beach Strokers”/Captain Manny Bagtas
8.5 Men – “Team Bonney”/Captain Brad Bonney.

Teams that received “Wild Cards” to the Championships:
5.5 Team – “Honey Badgers”/Captain Dari O’Brien
7.5 Team – “Line Tamers”/Captain Judy Berman
6.5 Men – “Rally Kings”/Captain Bill Hart