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World TeamTennis Winter 2016 League Winners

Congratulations to the following WTT Teams: 3.0 Team – “4 Love Of The Game”/Captain Ginny Smith 3.5 Teams –  “Lobstoppers”/Captain Todd Sartwell –  “Southside Slammers 4″/Captain Ed Ocampo –  “Are You Sure”/Captain Marie Wekszner 4.0 Teams –  “The Crushers”/Captain Mike Erguiza (Saturday Team) –  “Beach Breakers”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham (Sunday Team) –   “Southside Slammers 3/Captain Ed Ocampo […]

2 Beach team make 2015 WTT National Finals!

Congratulations to: 4.0 WTT Super Senior Team/”Lov2Pla” – National Champions 3.0 WTT Team/”Red Hot Shots” – National Finalists

WTT 2015 League Winners

Congratulations to the following WTT Teams: 3.0 Team – “No Faults”/Captain Eileen Daniels 3.5 Teams –  “Little Neck Lobstoppers”/Captain Todd Sartwell –  “Southside Slammers 3″/Captain Ed Ocampo –  “RPTC Long Shots”/Captain Charlie Pittman 4.0 Teams –  “We Got This”/Captain Jun Cujardo (Saturday Team) –  “Beach Breakers”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham (Sunday Team) 4.5 Team – “Shore Breakers”/Captain […]

WTT 2014 National Qualifier Champion Teams

Congratulations to the following 2014 National Qualifier Champion Teams: 4.0 Senior Team “WTT Sr Crew”/Captain Leetsa Nottingham 4.5 Team “Short Skirts Long Racquets” Captained/David Sloane 3.0 Team “Red Hot Shots”/Captain Chelsea Courtney – National Qualifier Finalists

WTT 2014 National Qualifiers

Congratulations to 3.0 WTT Team “Summer Brew Crew”/Captain Howard Brewster Winners in the World TeamTennis 2-day Tournament!! “Summer Brew Crew” gets the opportunity to advance to a WTT National Qualifier. Good Luck!!! SAVE THE DATE for the next VA Tennis/WTT Tournament – October 11-12, 2014. All Levels are invited to participate!! FUN! FUN! FUN!

WTT 2014 League Photos

Thank you all for participating in the league. Check out photos of the teams.