World TeamTennis Winter 2017 League Winners

Congratulations to the following WTT Teams! All teams has the opportunity to compete at a WTT National Qualifier!!

🎾 3.0 Team
– RACQUETSHIP/Captain Brian Sweitzer (Friday League)
–  THE COLORADO ROCKIES AKA 4LG/Captain Lori Becker (Saturday League)

🎾 3.5 Teams
–  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS/Captains Marjorie Kane/Mark Forster (Friday League)
–  4 LOVE OF THE GAME 1/Jose Guevarat (Friday League)
–  MEAN GREEN TENNIS MACHINE/Captain Richard Erguiza (Saturday League)

🎾 4.0 Teams

–  WE’RE KINDA FOUR OH/Captain Mike Erguiza (Saturday League)
–  BEACH BREAKERS/Captain Leetsa Nottingham (Sunday League)

🎾 4.5 Team

–  BEACH BREAKERS/Captain Deb Brewster