WTT 2011Recap

2 WTT Senior Teams headed to WTT Nationals Championships in Palm Springs – November 4-6, 2011. ‎4.0 WTT Senior Crew/Leetsa Notthingham and 4.5 Senior Team/Doug Atkins, National Qualifier Champions.

World TeamTennis League 2011 had a total of 24 Teams this season,
4 (3.0), 8 (3.5), 8 (4.0) and 4 (4.5) Teams. Winning Teams has the opportunity to attend a WTT National Qualifier Championship. VB Beach Winning Teams are:
1 3.0 Team – “Backhand..I’ll Show You A Backhand”, Captain Teri McCracken
2 (3.5) Teams – “2nd String”, Captain Ronald Nave and “Solid Shots”, Captain Melissa Frye.
2 (4.0) Teams – “WTT Crew”, Captain Leetsa Nottingham and “Gangstas of Love”, Captains Maurice Pascual/Jun Cunjardo.
1 4.5 Team – “United Nations of Ass Kickers”, Captain Liz Van calCar.

Congratulations to all and Good Luck at the National Qualifiers. Team Pictures of all the Teams are in the photos above. Check them out!. Thank you to all the players who played in the league this season!!!