Carol Branch

Carol Branch

December 2012

Here are my reasons why I think Carol should get the Captain of the month award. We all know Captaining a team can be hard work and a lot of dedication and Carol made it look so easy. She is a great Captain and friend who is very organized,fair and very supportive to the whole team. Her dedication goes beyond what you would expect of any Captain, she always puts the teams best interest first, even if it meant doing herself short. Her intentions is always to make play fair to everyone and she exceeded greatly with that, by making every player play their fair amount of matches and making everyone feel like they have made a great contribution to the team’s win. She supported us with every match, when she wasn’t on the court playing she was there next to the court cheering us on and motivating us, regardless of the weather conditions. The biggest reason that I think she should get a Captain award is, when we went to districts, which is what she’s been working for the whole season, she showed the ultimate selflessness, by still giving everyone a fair chance to play, except herself and she did what she thought would be best for the team, even if it meant not getting to play at districts herself. That’s what I call dedication. Even when we lost at districts she stayed positive and cheered us on and was singing our praises, now that’s what I call a Captain with a great attitude. It was an honor to be captained by such a remarkable person. A Big HOORAY to Carol.”- Mart-Mari Von Schliting (Team Acers)

“Carol Branch, a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Carol is very giving, patient, understanding, encouraging and positive. All things one must possess to manage a team to districts! Her thoughtful efforts to pair the right group of ladies on the courts at the same time proved to be a success. I am grateful for Carol’s commitment and dedication to our team and to the game of tennis. She is a pleasure to know and an inspiration, both on and off the court! Thanks Carol, YOU ROCK!” -Wendy Earl (Team Acers)

“I just wanted to say that Carol Branch is a wonderful captain. It’s a pleasure being on her team. She sets an example of high standards and good sportsmanship that all team mates are willing to follow. On and off the court her concern for others is amazing as to making sure everyone has equal playing time to listening to all our scheduling conflicts (kids, dentist appt.s, flooding issues, car troubles etc.) with patience and interest. Carols strengths shine when captaining a team!” – Robin Branch (USTA Spring Teammate/Fall Team member)

“I thought it showed great sportsmanship and camaraderie when she invited our singles team to join the Acers in their pre-district dinner. Rather than seeing us as rivals since we were Wild Card picks for Va Beach, she embraced us as members of the same tennis community that could be supportive of each other at Districts competition. And even though neither of our teams rose to the top this year, I think she helped bring all of us together for what was a fun weekend, where we all bonded together and got to know each other better. And isn’t that what tennis and life is really all about?”- Megan Barry (Captain of Team Barry-Summer USTA Singles Team)

“Carol is an amazing woman inside and out. All that encompasses who she truly is, came through to her captaining skills. She is kind, considerate,patient, timely and fair. Also, a great teacher..We couldn’t have asked for a better captain!”- Casi Cottrell (Team Acers)

“Carol is honestly one of the sweetest & caring people I’ve encountered . She cares about each of her team members & is selfless in her time. She is always upbeat & encouraging. Thank you Carol!”- Whitney Stevens (Team Acers)

“Carol, “herding cats” is never easy but you managed to “herd the Acers” beautifully! Thanks for all your time and efforts, I know being Captain is tough but you “shone through” and so did your team. Love, Lesley Burgess xx” (Team Acers)

“Carol in her soft voice is always on task. She is very fair and cares about her team mates. Thank you Carol!” – Dabney Napalitano (USTA Spring Teammate/Fall Team Member)

“Carol is AWESOME, she is completely patient and tolerant. She possesses an amazing sense of humor and to know her is to LOVE her… Thank you Carol for being a truly wonderful captain!”- Veronica “V” Irwin (USTA Spring Teammate/Fall Team Member)

“Carol exemplifies the core values and principles of tennis consistently regardless of the score. She would never compromise her integrity or honor for the purpose of winning a point, game, or match. She is impeccable as a player, teammate and captain. She makes decisions based on the love and respect for tennis. She is truly a passionate and uncompromising sport on and off the court! There are so many ways she went above and beyond to serve our teams and our tennis community while being captain and even as a teammate. Carol lives in Norfolk, teaches at ODU, serves her church and also stepped up to captain our women’s Virginia Beach League teams. She never skipped a beat, showing up early to the courts to help teammates and opponents warm-up prior to matches. She even did this when she wasn’t on the line-up. She also came prepared with sunscreen, bottled cold water, protein snacks, bananas, tennis balls, tape, ice, her team spirit and inspiring words. She found ways to motivate us and pick us up after tough matches whether we won or lost, she was there to help each one of us! Carol has an amazing attitude and perspective toward tennis, she has taught me so many things and I am very appreciative, she is an excellent mentor in the game of tennis and life! I truly admire Carol and am honored to have her as a Captain”- Bridgett King (Team Acers)