Dari O'Brien

Dari O’Brien

September 2012. Dari O’Brien.

“She may not be listed as a Co-captain in USTA, although I have to say it’s probably because she was doing seven things at one time while registering for the team! LOL! Dari has been behind the scenes, helping me out, for the past four seasons with every team I’ve captained from 2.5 to 3.5!
She’s brought balls, fresh from Target, on her way to a match; stepped in to help organize indoor courts for the many rain makeup matches; and she’s been by my side, every step of the way, cheering on our “Longshots” on and off the courts! Without Dari’s help on this team, I wouldn’t have been able to juggle everything! Dari is a great sounding board for advice, a phenomenal partner on the court, and best of all, a wonderful BFF. On our team, we celebrate our friendship first, and she’s been right there with all of us!”

“Dari has stepped up and taken on the Captaining duties of our team, The Longshots, throughout this spring season! With Kerry battling through her illness, she could not make it to many of our matches or practices. Dari became our “Active Co-Captain” and took on all the responsibilities that come along with that! She has an awesome tennis knowledge and has personally taught me a lot about the mental game as well as the physical skill required. She is constantly multi-tasking and yet she always makes time for our Longshot team – we are very thankful for that! She is deserving of recognition for all her tennis efforts with us! Thanks Dari – for being the eyes and ears of our team when Kerry was unable to be there! GO LONGSHOTS!!”

“I would like to nominate Dari O’Brien for Captain of the Month. She has not only been a huge help in keeping our Longshot team on track by helping Kerry Clay but has captained Lunch League for me and was a captain and partnered for my husband when he played with a mixed doubles team for the first time. He had a really good experience thanks to her. She has jumped in and helped our Longshots team and Kerry out at every turn. With a very busy life with her own business and family, that I would find overwhelming, Dari has always stepped up to assist in every way possible. She has been a cheerleader for me personally and for all of our team mates and really epitomizes the “behind the scenes” influence on our team. We could not be the team we are without her! Love her! Please choose this great Longshot Lady for Captain of the Month”. “Our team wouldn’t be where we are without her!