Kristi Joynt

Kristi Joynt

June 2012. June Captain of the Month is Kristi Joynt, captain extraordinaire of multiple teams for men’s and women’s leagues.

With her boundless energy and dedication to league play, Kristi is so much more than a Captain. She does it all: captaining, level coordinator, lunch league captain/organizer, to name a few. When she is not spending her time dealing with line-ups, rain outs and other captaining headaches, you can always find Kristi organizing clinics or promoting tournaments for charitable causes.

If you need a Captain for a team to help out the league, she ALWAYS steps up! Spring league season she may be captaining a men’s team or a couple of ladies teams and also a mixed team. In the summer, a few Singles teams and a couple Combo teams. Fall Season comes around and she captains a few more teams.

If she takes a break it would be one less team for that time but I don’t believe I have ever seen her take a break from being a Captain.
All of her teammates appreciate her tenacity, organizational skills, motivation, flexibility, support and DEDICATION to our sport. And she does it with a smile!

Thank you Kristi for always been there. You should be “Captain of the Year” all the months! You Rock!!!