Laurie Duquette

Laurie Duquette

May 2012. May Captain of the Month is Laurie Duquette, voted unanimously by her teammates. I agree wholeheartedly. Laurie has captained Adult USTA Leagues for over 5 years. She also captained a couple of my Combo Women’s teams. It takes someone with tremendous dedication to be Captain for so many years and endure those tasks that go along with the job.

It truly amazes me when I get these nominations and read the qualities by the teammates on why their “Captain” should be recognized. Organized, fair, cheerleader, motivated, encouraging. These adjectives I hear time and time again for nominated Captains.

To quote some of her Teammates; “Laurie Duquette should be Capt. of the month EVERY month.” “She is organized, creative, funny, caring, and the best captain ever.” “She has captained tirelessly for years and deserves a special pat on the back.” “Love her”!!

Thank you, Laurie for all you do as a Captain, which makes League Coordinators like me very happy. Thanks for the positive experiences you give to your teammates so they will continue to play the leagues. Continue to do what you do best!!

Read what her teammates wrote:

“Laurie is a great captain who is organized, fair, and our team’s cheerful cheerleader and champion. When not playing, she can be found on the sidelines watching and always with a kind word to everyone. She keeps us motivated by organizing practices, seasonals, and lessons. She has captained tirelessly for years and deserves a special pat on the back. I especially appreciate the emails she shares with us after matches to keep everyone updated. Kudos to you Captain Laurie!!!”

“Laurie Duquette should be capt of the month EVERY month. She cares so much for everyone on our team, and always tries to accommodate their needs. She has taken us to districts and even then tries hard to make it fair and fun!! Love Her!!”

“Not only is she a wonderful captain during USTA, she keeps us all going in the off season, too. In addition, she is a giving person in many ways, volunteering her time and energy through her church.”

“I am new to Laurie’s team and was immediately struck by how organized and team-oriented she is. I love her positive attitude and kindness she displays on and off the court.”

“She’s a great player, a great teammate, and a fabulous captain. She is organized, creative, funny, caring, and the best captain ever!!

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