Shea Paisley

Shea Paisley

April 2012. As I was pondering who would be my pick for April, my inbox started flooding with nominations for Shea Paisley. It was not a difficult decision because Shea has been an absolute pleasure to have as a Captain for my leagues. She has captained a Team in the Combo Leagues ever since I have been coordinating it and sometimes at 2 levels in a Season. She as also Captain teams in the Singles League and Spring Leagues. Keys words from her teammates are, encouraging, organized, fair, enthusiastic and a motivator. She is truly an inspiration to the leagues and to her Teammates. Two words to sum up Shea Paisley, Role Model!!! Thanks Shea for all you do to enhance the Leagues.

Read what her teammates wrote:

…She sends out the line-up well in advance and after a match she encourage us for what we did and sheer for us! She try to let us play equally number of matches. She is just the best!

…great, relaxed, easy going and very organized captain

She spends countless personal time setting up our team schedules and looking for new opportunities for our team to grow as tennis players by seeking out new clinic experiences. The team participants schedules are ever changing but she rolls with it and faces it with a quiet confidence. She is the first there with a polite word of encouragement or comfort depending on how our game was played. She has embraced the team as a whole and each player’s unique game and personality. This is seen in the extra curricular gatherings that she plans throughout the season. The team has a unity that has been built on her efforts for sure. Shea has always been fair and forth coming which I would imagine could get complicated managing a team of so many women. Not only can I call her my captain but enjoy a friendship with her and the other members that I know will transcend our tennis team.

She is organized, dedicated, professional, understanding, accommodating, enthusiastic, competitive, encouraging and admired by her whole team. Her enthusiasm for tennis is infectious, and she motivated her whole team to want to be better. She always encourages us to take more lessons, try more tournaments, attempt harder shots. Shea has such strong ethics when it comes to tennis; she reminds us that an uncertain call on our part needs to be a call for the other team. She makes us want to be better players. She is a fabulous role model to us all.

She is very organized and on top of things. She keeps us running like a well oiled machine. Her enthusiasm and love of the game is contagious. Her team strategy also needs to be commended. It has always been her philosophy to have a united team with equal play time for all players and no pressure. Sure we love to win, but that is not the main goal. She is truly an inspiration to all of us.

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